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Comprehensive Auto Insurance

At Heard Insurance Associates, we are committed to finding the best auto insurance policy for your vehicle. We provide coverage for all makes and models so no matter what type of vehicle you drive, we've got you covered!

Instant vehicle insurance

When you choose Heard Insurance Associates, we promise that you'll receive immediate coverage for your vehicle and your cards will be issued at the time of policy instatement. Our business is located in West Haven, CT.

Great DISCOUNTS on auto insurance

  • Future start date DISCOUNTS

  • Preferred rates for qualified drivers

  • Multiple car DISCOUNTS

  • Prior insurance DISCOUNTS

  • Monthly payment plans available

  • DISCOUNTS for policies paid in full

Fast and FREE quote for car insurance

To ensure prompt and easy services, we'll give you fast and FREE quote online! Get your FREE quote today! In addition, you'll receive a multi-policy DISCOUNT if you purchase both auto insurance and homeowners insurance.